Getting Started

The Safe Routes to School Policy Workbook for School Districts was designed to help school boards, administrators, and stakeholders create policies that support active transportation to and from school.[25] In using this Workbook, you’ll have the opportunity to select among policy provisions that support active transportation. Within some provisions, different options are available that can make your overall policy even stronger. Each policy is categorized as "beginner," "intermediate," or "advanced" depending on the policy's complexity and likely impact on levels of walking and bicycling. Note that the categories are not mutually exclusive; users should consider all elements to develop the most comprehensive policy possible.

For each provision, the Workbook provides explanatory text, the provision’s language, and supporting resources to help you understand details and intricacies.

After completing this Workbook, you will receive a final document that includes your policy with your individual policy choices. You may find that the final policy language needs to be altered to accurately represent your district and the various stakeholders involved.

The final product is designed to be an official school board policy, but some districts may prefer to adopt this material as a resolution or as administrative regulations.

Please allow yourself one to two hours to complete the Workbook.

Please note that your work will be saved automatically for six hours after you click on the “Get Started” button below. You will not lose your work if you click on the “Back” button but you will lose your work if you close your browser. After six hours, your work will be deleted. Be sure you have allowed sufficient time to complete the workbook during this six-hour window.

Before you begin reviewing policy provisions, take a moment to check if the terminology in the policy matches the terminology you use locally.

Select the terms your district uses:

Children or students?
Parents/guardians or family?
What do you call your parents' association?
What is the name of your local jurisdiction?
What is the name of your school district?

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