Local Strategies to Regulate Vape Shops & Lounges

Local Strategies to Regulate Vape Shops & Lounges

A fact sheet about regulatory policy options

As the use of electronic smoking devices continues to grow, a new kind of business is evolving to serve users. These new businesses, known as “vape shops” or “vape lounges,” sell a full range of products, including electronic smoking devices, their component parts, and e-liquids.

Much like hookah lounges, vape shops create a social environment indoors where people are allowed to “vape.” The use of electronic smoking devices indoors undermines existing clean indoor air laws and exposes customers and employees to potentially hazardous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, lead, nickel, and chromium.  

Additionally, some vape shops custom mix the e-liquids used to refill e-cigarette cartridges on-site – a business practice that poses additional health risks to vape shop employees. In order to protect public health and prohibit the renormalizing of tobacco use, communities can adopt laws to regulate vape shops and vape lounges.

ChangeLab Solutions has developed this comprehensive fact sheet, Local Strategies to Regulate Vape Shops & Lounges, to inform local jurisdictions of different regulatory policy options. This resource outlines strategies for regulating whether and where vape shops are allowed to open, what products they are able to sell, and what steps they should take to protect their employees and customers.

To learn more about strategies for regulating the sale and use of electronic smoking devices, check out our toxic vapor policy guide.

Important Information: This fact sheet was last updated in September 2014 and may not account for recent changes to state and federal tobacco control laws. If your community wishes to learn more, please contact us for technical assistance.