Road Signs Pedcast

Road Signs Pedcast

Episode 1: The Road Diet

Does your neighborhood have safe sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes? Ever wonder how street design can improve health? Curious how transportation systems can make places not only more connected, but also more equitable? The ChangeLab Solutions' pedcast, Road Signs, is designed for public health practitioners and advocates interested in creating safe and active streets. Each episode introduces one transportation tool that promotes community health and well-being. 

The pedcast is intended to accompany you on a walk around your neighborhood or office. Plug in your headphones, look both ways, and get moving! In this first episode, learn about an approach to making existing streets safer—a “road diet”—with a story from Oakland, California. 

Let us know what you think! We would like to follow up with you about whether this pedcast is useful for your work. This information will help us produce more free tools for the public health and active living communities. Please give us your contact information in the form below. We’ll only follow up with you about feedback on this product, and we won’t share the information with anyone else.

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    Host: Diane Dohm
    Producers: Allison Allbee and Liz Mak
    Special thanks to Jason Patton (The City of Oakland), Joi Hudson (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), Meredith Lee (California Department of Public Health), Livia Rojas and Heather Wooten (ChangeLab Solutions)

    This project was supported by a Cooperative Agreement (#3U38OT000141-02S1) awarded to ChangeLab Solutions by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Department of Health and Human Services.