Rewarding Success

Rewarding Success

Certification programs for healthy food retailers

Healthy food retailer certification programs reward stores that are providing healthy food to the community.

These programs can have an array of benefits. Participating stores get free publicity and community support for increasing revenue from healthy food sales. Community members gain access to healthier food choices and information about nutrition. And the organization or agency sponsoring the initiative builds relationships with local businesses, which can lead to future collaboration to benefit the public’s health.

In this webinar, we describe the goals and structure of current healthy corner store certification programs, provide tips on how to create an effective program, and hear from experts who have experience implementing these programs in their own communities.

  • Hannah Laurison, Senior Planner & Program Director, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Lisa Chen, Planner, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Sarah Schram, Healthy Neighborhood Store Project Coordinator, Douglas County Health Department in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Sasha Belenky, Interim Healthy Actions Director, YMCA of Greater Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky
Additional Resources
  • The Healthy Corner Stores Network (HCSN) has tools, case studies, and reports on innovative projects from around the country.
  • Healthy Neighborhood Stores (video) documents Douglas County's Health Department's efforts developing a program to make healthy eating options more accessible in Nebraska.
  • Healthy Food Within Reach (video) highlights the neighborhood store owners participating in programs designed to provide their customers greater healthy food options in South Omaha, Nebraska.
Contact & Funding
To see program examples, contact:
  • Sarah Schram - sarah[dot]schram[at]douglascounty-ne[dot]gov
  • Sasha Belenky - sbelenky[at]ymcalouisville[dot]org
For more information about healthy corner store initiatives, contact ChangeLab Solutions. This webinar was funded by the Network for a Healthy California - Retail Program.