Creating Complete Streets

Creating Complete Streets

Findings, Model Laws and Resolutions

All across America, there is a movement afoot to build Complete Streets that allow people to get around safely, even when they aren't inside a car. Conventional street design promotes traffic congestion, pollution, collision injuries, and discourages physical activity. Complete Streets, on the other hand, are designed and built so that people of all ages and abilities can travel easily and safely, while also getting the regular physical activity that is so critical to preventing obesity.

More than 100 jurisdictions at the state, local, and regional levels have adopted Complete Streets policies. ChangeLab Solutions has surveyed existing law, conducted extensive legal research, and consulted with legal and policy experts to create these model laws (local ordinances and state statutes) and local and state/regional resolutions (which may be easier to pass, but are not binding) for Complete Streets. There is also an Appendix Findings document that supplies evidence-backed factual conclusions to support a community's decision to enact a Complete Streets resolution or law. At the heart of all these model policies is a call for increased public participation and accountability. Download the model documents below! 

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