A New Lease on Life: Landlords’ Right to Make Properties Smokefree

A New Lease on Life: Landlords’ Right to Make Properties Smokefree

A fact sheet about Civil Code section 1947.5

Smokefree housing policies are now common in California; however, some landlords and tenants are still confused about whether landlords have the right to adopt such policies.  

Civil Code section 1947.5 (sometimes known by its bill number, SB 332) allows landlords to make their properties – including dwelling units, private balconies and patios, and all common areas – 100% smokefree. Civil Code section 1947.5 requires that landlords continue to follow all applicable local laws, such as rent control, and outlines additional requirements for landlords who are adopting smokefree policies.

This fact sheet, developed by ChangeLab Solutions, contains information on Civil Code section 1947.5, including further detail on what the law does, requirements for landlords, and how the code affects leases and city ordinances. The 2018 update also includes information about HUD’s new smokefree rule for public housing agencies.

We are grateful to the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program, for continuing to fund this work! Download the fact sheet below, and be sure to check out our other resources on secondhand smoke and smokefree housingContact us to learn more, subscribe to our news updates, and support our work!