Model Healthy Children’s Meals Ordinance

Model Healthy Children’s Meals Ordinance

Improving children’s meals sold at restaurants

Communities interested in improving the nutritional content of children's meals sold at local restaurants can adopt legislation to encourage healthier food choices. ChangeLab Solutions developed this Model Healthy Children’s Meals Ordinance to provide local governments with a way to steer restaurants toward providing healthier options for children by setting nutrition standards for children’s meals.

Using this model legislation, communities can choose to regulate the nutritional quality of either the entire children’s meal or the beverages served to children as part of a children’s meal. We also offer sample implementation and enforcement clauses that can be adopted for use in model ordinances. 

To address children's meals accompanied by toys or other prizes, see our Model Ordinance for Toy Giveaways at Restaurants. We also recommend our Putting Health on the Menu toolkit, which outlines how to create a strong healthy restaurant program and provides a variety of options and examples.