Model Healthy Beverage Vending Agreement

Model Healthy Beverage Vending Agreement

Improving the contract negotiating process

The Model Healthy Beverage Vending Agreement was created to help nutrition advocates and school districts use the contracting process to achieve the following goals: (1) improve the nutritional quality of beverages sold on district property; (2) negotiate favorable terms and conditions; (3) develop strategic vendor relations; (4) increase process efficiencies; and (5) improve communication and customer service. 

To make this document useful to lawyers and non-lawyers alike, we provide clear explanations of what each clause means, how it applies to school vending contracts, and how the clause might be applied during contract negotiation. By doing so, we hope to help correct a contracting process in which soft drink bottlers have imposed their form contracts on school districts with less than satisfactory results for schools in terms of nutrition and revenue.

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