Green for Greens

Green for Greens

A webinar about resources for healthy corner stores

Advocates are looking for ways to fund projects that will bring healthy food into their communities. What federal, state, and local agencies have resources to support these efforts?  

This webinar offers an overview of how to identify and leverage financing mechanisms to create healthier food options in local communities, provide tips on how to strengthen your application and develop your funding pitch, and examples of resources that participants have found most useful.


  • Hannah Laurison, Senior Planner & Program Director, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Lisa Chen, Planner, ChangeLab Solutions
  • Taylor Anthony, Chronic Disease Prevention Program Manager, Sonoma County Department of Health Services
  • Veronica Saldaña, Business Development Manager, Emerging Markets, a project of the California Freshworks Fund

Additional Resources


  • Anthony Taylor, anthony.taylor [at] sonoma-county [dot] org, to learn more about funding healthy corner store initiatives in Sonoma County
  • Danielle Moreno, danielle.moreno [at] sonoma-county [dot] org, for copies of the draft toolkit and evaluation tools
  • Veronica Saldana, vsaldana [at] emergingmarkets [dot] us, to learn more about funding opportunities offered by the California FreshWorks Fund