Restricting Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools

Restricting Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools

A Fact Sheet About Local School Wellness Policies

From sugary drink ads on vending machines to fast food logos on book covers and stadium scoreboards, marketing for unhealthy foods is a frequent sight in schools. Research shows that, despite common misperceptions, these marketing relationships result in little to no revenue for schools. In addition, they encourage students and staff to make unhealthy food choices and compromise the educational mission of schools.

The good news for parents, nutrition advocates, and school administrators is that federal law now requires that local school wellness policies limit unhealthy food and beverage marketing. ChangeLab Solutions developed this fact sheet, Restricting Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools, to explain what school districts are required to do under federal law. The fact sheet also discusses policy options for school districts that want to go beyond the minimum requirements and address unhealthy marketing comprehensively.

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