Crossing with Confidence

Crossing with Confidence

Managing Risk When Creating Crossing Guard Programs in California

As the SRTS movement continues to gain momentum across the country, it is clear that in many communities, not all children can easily and safely walk or bicycle to school, especially if their school is located near a busy or dangerous intersection. With proper training and equipment, crossing guards can play a critical role in ensuring that students who walk or bicycle to school arrive safely.

CA4Health, in collaboration with ChangeLab Solutions, has developed this comprehensive fact sheet; Crossing with Confidence discusses the legal implications of establishing a crossing guard program and identifies concrete steps public entities – including school districts – can take to minimize their exposure to liability. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the key issues, school districts, municipalities, and active transportation advocates can protect themselves from liability while creating safe and effective crossing guard programs.

We have also developed many other Safe Routes to School resources, including fact sheets on implementing Safe Routes to School programs in rural schools, creating remote drop-off programs, and the Safe Routes to School District Policy Workbook – a free online resource that can help districts develop effective policies for supporting healthy students.

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