From Congress to California Communities

From Congress to California Communities

A webinar about the Federal Tobacco Control Act

On March 6, 2012, guest speakers from the FDA and local communities joined staff from the Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing (The Center, a project of the American Lung Association in California) and TALC for a webinar discussion on “What the Federal Tobacco Control Act Does and Doesn’t Do, and What More Can Be Done Locally.”

In 2009, the federal Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (the Tobacco Control Act) gave the FDA authority over tobacco products for the first time. Now, nearly three years later, the law’s effects are being seen across the country, but new local tobacco control laws are more important than ever to counter Big Tobacco’s efforts to hook new customers and keep current customers addicted.

Discussion highlights include:

  • Federal Tobacco Control Act enforcement in California—Ann Simoneau, J.D., Director, Office of Compliance and Enforcement, Center for Tobacco Products at the FDA outlined the FDA’s regulatory progress since the law was created and the actions the FDA is taking now to enforce the law in California and other states.
  • Current federal regulation—Elisa Laird-Metke, TALC staff attorney, discussed what restrictions on tobacco products are contained in the federal law and regulations, and how pending lawsuits currently affect the law’s enforcement.
  • Creating new local laws—Vanessa Marvin, Director of The Center, led discussions with individuals who worked on the creation of new tobacco control laws to learn how those communities acted to regulate flavored tobacco locally. First, Vanessa spoke with Anne Pearson, who helped develop the nation’s first local law banning the sale of flavored products in New York City, and then with Janie Burkhart, who worked to pass Santa Clara County’s ban on flavored tobacco as part of a local tobacco retailer licensing law.



Webinar slides (PDF)

“Plug-in” Policy Provisions for a Tobacco Retailer License – This fact sheet describes the model plug-in provisions a community might add to a TRL law.

What Tobacco Products Are Covered by the 2009 FDA Law? - This fact sheet is one of a series of fact sheets - called FDA Law Notes - that PHLP has produced to explain issues related to the 2009 FDA Law.

Getting Your Voice Heard - Commenting on Federal Regulations – This fact sheet explains the legal process for creating FDA and other federal regulations, including how and when the public can provide input on proposed new regulations.


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