Safe Routes to School (Roadmap & Brochure)

Safe Routes to School (Roadmap & Brochure)

Approaches to Support Children Walking and Bicycling to School

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a movement that is changing communities and making children healthier by getting children to use their own power to get to and from school. By walking or bicycling to school, children can easily incorporate exercise into their day and arrive at school focused and ready to learn. Walking and bicycling to school also helps reduce air pollution and traffic congestion around schools and neighborhoods.

Individual schools, school districts, local governments, and regional leaders all have a role to play in making it easier and safer for children to walk and bicycle to school.

ChangeLab Solutions, in collaboration with CA4Health, created an illustrated roadmap (below) of the 13 policy options that can help make Safe Routes to School a permanent part of our communities. For additional information, download the accompanying brochure that breaks down the policy options even further.

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CA4Health is a 5-year Community Transformation Grant from the CDC focused on reducing the burden of chronic disease in rural California.