Porch Light Debates

ChangeLab Solutions' BLOCK Project curated the Porch Light Debates, a series of provocative conversations illuminating tensions at the intersection of health and housing practices. Written by leading practitioners, researchers, and scholars, these pieces highlight the opportunities and challenges hospitals, public health departments, and housing authorities have to improve health equity.

The Porch Light Debates provide nuanced conversations about the opportunities, limits, and innovations that surface when local institutions blend health, housing, and community development efforts. Three of the four debates feature a story from an institution: the Bon Secours Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, the Denver Public Housing Authority in Colorado, and the Alameda County Public Health Department in California.

Our Community of Practice (COP), comprised of experts from across the health and housing fields, has written responses to each of the stories that discuss how effective policies can be replicated and highlight opportunities to create meaningful change. Members of the COP developed the fourth and final debate, which addresses the constraints local governments face in this work and provides concrete ways to overcome those challenges.

Our BLOCK pieces are posted in entirety as a Medium publication that we’re using to help ignite the conversation about what it takes to make healthy and equitable housing a reality in this country. Follow ChangeLab Solutions on Medium to be notified of our updates!