Leveraging Procurement for Health & Equity

Leveraging Procurement for Health & Equity

December 6, 2017

Large institutions can promote healthier communities and more equitable food systems by leveraging their food purchasing power. Institutional purchasing decisions based on good food values also benefit the local economy and the environment. ChangeLab Solutions has created resources to give institutions an overview of how their purchasing decisions can contribute to a more equitable food system and what tools they can use to implement health-promoting procurement practices.

Governments can also contribute to community health by ensuring that healthy food is served on their premises. ChangeLab Solutions has crafted model policies for implementing nutrition standards in government food service venues.

Check out the following resources:

  • An infographic, Institutions Buying Food for Health & Equity, created in collaboration with the Center for Good Food Purchasing, provides a framework for how institutional food purchasing can promote a more just food system by supporting good nutrition, the local economy, fair labor practices, sustainability, animal welfare, and diverse businesses. 
  • A companion fact sheet, Establishing Healthier Food Service Guidelines for Government Facilities, explains the types of tools—policies, contracts, and permits—that state and local governments can use to implement food service guidelines and ensure healthier foods at their facilities.
  • State and local versions of a model policy, Healthy Food Service on Government Property, can be used by policymakers or community leaders to enact food service guidelines that set nutrition standards for foods and beverages served or sold on government property.

Download the infographic, fact sheet, and model policies. Contact us to learn more about implementing procurement policies for healthier communities, and support our work on healthy food service policies.