Bringing Water Back: Providing Safe Drinking Fountains in Schools

Bringing Water Back: Providing Safe Drinking Fountains in Schools

March 21, 2016

This March, as we celebrate National Nutrition Month, it’s important not only to promote healthy drinks, like water, but also to identify strategies for making water clean, free, and easily accessible.

Many institutions recognize the environmental and health benefits of providing drinking fountains. Schools, in particular, understand the importance of offering children water as a healthy alternative to sugary drinks and bottled beverages.

School nutrition policies have done a lot to make a healthier mix of bottled beverages available to students during the school day, but drinking water infrastructure in schools continues to lag behind. Many schools need to upgrade aging plumbing systems to ensure drinking fountains offer safe, toxin-free water.

We’ve developed a new fact sheet to help child health advocates use state plumbing codes to modernize school drinking water infrastructure. It provides an overview of how to use data about school facilities to inform the policy change process, and includes examples of key provisions that can optimize water access in schools.

To learn more, see our related fact sheet on increasing water access in schools and our model wellness policy language on water access.