How we can help

We want to make sure your efforts result in lasting change. We help you look for the next opportunity to improve everyday health for all while measuring your progress and celebrating your successes. We can work with you to support healthier stores in your community. See our services below, and learn how we’ve helped others like you. Contact us to get started!

Strategic Planning
Over the phone and in person, we helped the Nebraska health department customize and launch a healthy retail program in six counties.
Technical Assistance
We reviewed and provided feedback on a Minneapolis ordinance requiring minimum amounts of healthy food in grocery stores.
Trainings & Group Facilitation
During a training in Arizona, we introduced health department staff to healthy retail work and helped them envision a healthy store.
Custom Research & Analysis
For a partner organization, we researched and wrote a report on how communities are making it safer to walk, bike, and ride transit to food stores.
Written Tools
We created evidence-based resources for an Oklahoma initiative: a sample healthy retail resolution and a guide on the business case for healthy retail.