About Healthy Housing

Housing is a cornerstone of health. Safe, stable housing that is affordable and located near healthy resources, like parks and grocery stores, should be part of every community. 

Yet many housing policies have put health out of reach for residents. People around the country are exposed to unsafe housing conditions, which are associated with serious health problems, such as asthma, lead poisoning, and injury. And it has been widely documented that people who live in low-income neighborhoods are hit hardest by a lack of healthy affordable housing.

ChangeLab Solutions’ healthy housing work focuses on what it takes to make safe, stable, and affordable housing a reality for everyone. Our resources connect the dots between housing and health and offer communities practical steps to achieve their housing policy goals. And with support from The Kresge Foundation and the MacArthur Foundation, we have created the BLOCK Project, which explores housing strategies local agencies are using to promote inclusion and improve health equity.

With our healthy housing portfolio, we’re giving communities resources to make housing smokefree so residents can breathe more easily. We’re committed to ensuring homes are safe, affordable, and located near daily services like schools and jobs. And we’re bridging conversations between people in different fields—housing and tenant advocates, public health and environmental health professionals, and smokefree housing leaders, among others—to identify sustainable and effective housing policies that put health first.

Explore our healthy housing resources, and contact us to learn more!