Getting Started

ChangeLab Solutions: Partners at Every Stage

Can healthy policy transform a community? It can, but only if you and your community have the support and resources to hit the ground running with effective, evidenced-based policy tools and best-practice approaches.

ChangeLab Solutions’ team of attorneys, urban planners, and policy analysts are available to assist your community in developing and implementing public health policy strategies.

Stages of Engagement

  • Assess Opportunities: How do your policies promote health? Which policy opportunities will generate the biggest return on investment?
  • Strategize Solutions: With research and practical know-how, we can identify realistic and innovative options to fit your community’s unique priorities.
  • Create Tools: We will assist in drafting, reviewing, or revising local and state ordinances, legislation, and internal polices in our main areas of interest.
  • Implement Plan: Implementation of a new plan can bring on challenges, questions, and opportunities. ChangeLab Solutions can help you troubleshoot and translate policy changes into digestible “How Tos.”
  • Sustain Progress:  It’s important to measure progress and be on the lookout for the next opportunity to improve. We will work with you to build on and deepen success. 

You can also learn about the workshops and trainings we offer—they're designed to empower communities to move forward with concrete policies and strategies that will create real and lasting change.

For more detailed information, download our Getting Started factsheet. For direct assistance, please email us or call 510-302-3380.